Perpetual Hyperbole

When was the last time you read a critical article about vertical farming that was written by a vertical farming entrepreneur or equipment supplier? Can't remember? It's a sure sign the industry is not ready for prime time. It's in what we call 'perpetual hyperbole mode'. 

Emerging technology - by definition - has its flaws. A lack of self-critique is a bad sign. 

So where are the flaws in vertical farming / controlled environment agriculture? And who has the courage to call them out? WE DO!

The Seven Elements of Transformational Agriculture Innovation

The Seven Elements of Transformational Agriculture Innovation

Innovation is often romanticized as a sudden flash of inspiration, a once in a lifetime 'ah-ha' moment, or a capacity possessed only by those who are in the genius category (think Steve Jobs). Spontaneous innovation may occur, but not for me, or anyone I know who is honest about how they innovate. And as much as we all admire Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or even Einstein, it's a myth that they conjured up their innovations in a vacuum without the influence, input or original ideas from others.