Farmer's love the process of nurturing each individual plant from seed to harvest. It is essence of Precision Farming. It is particularly true of our farmers. If possible, they would look at, touch and care for every plant on the farm, every day. 



Precision Farming changes everything - but we're only in the early stages. The next generation incorporates machine intelligence, data science, and IoT connectivity to further improve productivity, reduce labor and input costs, and grow the bottom line. Just as important, it allows farmer to monitor, nurture and realize the most from each individual plant - on a massive scale.

  • Imagine knowing the precise location, health and history of every plant on the farm.
  • Imagine knowing the soil and hydrology qualities of every square foot of the farm, and using it to optimize these precious resources.
  • Imagine applying pesticides so precisely to new plants that you reduce broadcast treatment area by 30x to 50x.
  • Imagine being guided by your smart phone to the precise location of signs of an infestation, frost or heat stress, irrigation leaks, or signs of pollen drift, and more.
  • Imagine the improved productivity, reduced costs and increased profitability of precision farming on a thousand-acre scale.


 We operate under the principle that 'everything is part of a system'. Our proprietary machine intelligence is deployed on the industry's most sophisticated DJI drones, using the industry's most capable sensors, and custom spraying mechanisms designed with the help of world class agriculture engineers. And it includes more than equipment. We are partners with a hemp seed cultivator using novel breeding techniques to develop specialized high cannabinoid producing strains, and work with some of the most innovative organic chemical and microbial biotechnology companies to develop custom formulations and delivery methods. And finally, we deliver it all through a network of local farm service providers who are experts in agricultural sciences and drone operations.  

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