About Us

Hungry Planet is a farm services company focused on UAV (drone) based agriculture solutions. We develop proprietary navigation and machine intelligence applications that are integrated with agriculture-purposed drones. The complete ‘intelligent drone’ product is delivered through local franchise partners throughout North America and Europe. Our services offering includes solutions for crop improvement, organic pesticides and bio-stimulant sources, and numerous related hardware and software offerings.


our experience

We have more than 40 years of combined experience in practical artificial intelligence applications that are being deployed in today's best of breed agriculture applications. We have developed machine intelligence applications used by both small and household name corporations with over 5,000 users. Our applications have been recognized as best-in-class, or recommended by industry leaders including Microsoft, IBM and the United Way of America.

Our focus is the practical, the people, and the purpose.



Our focus is on innovations that are either 'first' or 'best' in their industry.  We have delivered on this goal numerous times in three different industry sectors including financial services, government services, and renewable energy. Now our sights are set on innovations for agriculture for the purpose of sustainable farming for an increasingly hungry planet. 

Our focus is the practical, the people, and the purpose.

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people matter

No matter how much dazzling technology, and clever innovation we muster, none of it matters without our franchise partners. They are co-owners of our business, live and work near our customers, and most importantly, are experts in the field.

Our focus is the practical, the people, and the purpose.