Our Approach


We design and manufacture custom-spec LED lighting and farming automation equipment for industrial-scale vertical farming. 


vertical farm

Horticulture LED Lighting

We are the only manufacturer focused exclusively on industrial scale LED lighting for vertical farming, which requires higher light intensity, broad spectrum options, and precise control to grow a wide range of crops types at low costs.

Farm Automation

We design, build or source cultivation equipment including moving bench systems, articulating light racks, diffused oxygen systems, and robotics. We assist your team in specifying, procuring, and integrating a comprehensive range of components.

Farm I.T. solutions

We have extensive experience developing complex logistics and machine intelligence software. We customize our software to match the horticulture processes in your farm, including farm related automation functions.

Farm Design Services

We offer professional design services to help with your initial farm designs and selection, as well as equipment assessment. We draw on years of global experience in designing vertical farming lighting and automation equipment.

Economic Modeling

We provide software used to capture all data points related to your farm design and develop a comprehensive set of worksheets for all economic based decisions. Our team has extensive experience in technology commercialization and related costs.