The farming of industrial hemp (cannabis) is undergoing a renaissance that is replacing lower-earning cash crops across North America and Europe. We specialize in end-to-end hemp farming technology, services and inputs.

  • Trait-Specific Clones and Seeds.*
  • Organic Pesticides and Bio-Stimulants optimized for our genetics.*
  • Aerial (drone) Pesticide and Foliar Spraying Services.*
  • Aerial Crop Health Analytics.*
  • Aerial Plant Chemistry Analytics.*
  • Aerial and Ground-based Early Pest Detection.*
  • Yield Optimization Intelligence and Bio-Active applications.*
  • Resource (water and soil) Planning and Management.*
  • Harvest Optimization Intelligence.*
  • Pre-and-Post Season land management.*
  • Pollinator (males and hermamprodites) Identifying/Mapper.* 
  • Field Scout Maps.*
  • GPS (RTK) Digital Mapping (data file export for land-based equipment navigation).

* denotes when our services are enhanced with artificial intelligence.